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“A luxury cruiseliner quarantined in San Francisco bay, its well-heeled passengers confined to their cabins for weeks on end. Holidaymakers on lockdown at a quarantined hotel in Tenerife after an Italian doctor comes down with coronavirus. A world of isolated individuals rarely leaving their homes, keeping a wary distance from one another in public, communicating with their friends and loved ones via exclusively technological means. These situations are so Ballardian as to be in the realm of copyright infringement.”

“Twenty-first century life was already Ballardian. The rapid transition, under the new viral order, into further extremes of technological alienation has only made it more so.” — тцпдяапацт (@tundranaut) April 1, 2020 SOURCE: Mark O’Connell, New Statesman

“I’m gonna buy me a house up in the hills with a tear-shaped pool and a gun that kills.”

corona time capsule — тцпдяапацт (@tundranaut) March 17, 2020 pertinent ephemera from Daniel Kalder’s latest newsletter + recommended listening for an apocalypse #IannisXenakis — тцпдяапацт (@tundranaut) March 15, 2020 As a former threat analyst, if you live in Seattle, SF, LA, or any other major city, you should be prepared for looting, violence, and potentially street gangs...

“We are a vital bunch. And while we traffic in a realm of ideas so horrifying that our nation’s most cited legal scholar believes these ideas should be banned, we are, unlike these experts, not restricted to this single realm of knowledge. We allow ourselves the mental agility to toggle between expertise and idiocy, taking the best of both.”

Why have you not already read @L0m3z on the power of being a retard? — Spotted Toad (@toad_spotted) March 15, 2020 SOURCE: American Mind