hiding songs

Hiding Songs

Nick Cave on Leonard Cohen and “hiding songs”: …not only are these songs sacred, they are ‘hiding songs’ that deal

30 Mar

Warrior-Monk Etude

if u go to War with your Old Self, it may not die in compliant fashion so you may have to slaughter it — тцпдяапацт

17 Mar


New Paul Levy post: Instead of cursing our brokenness (or our abusers), we can recognize it as a numinous event, an

22 Feb


“Xenobuddhism is neither Buddhism nor accelerationism nor transhumanism. It is born from their convergence. It’s Buddhism

21 Feb
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Incandescent Totems

“We are all sleeping avatars of God, with amnesia.” — Philip K. Dick pic.twitter.com/IpNgw8dfbc — MC (@tundrapalms)

20 Aug